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Vision with action can change the world. Creating the balance in power through empowerment.

Our aspiration is to create change within the children's social care sector through combining lived expertise with professional expertise.

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The ultimate use of power is to empower others

Together at the Top


Inequality is bred through power. Individuals and groups feel powerless due to a world that has so many power imbalances. This has created financial, emotional, economical instabilities for many. Children and adults who have experienced the care system are controlled by many. They are controlled by the state, individual professionals, family, their emotions, their trauma, and society through stigmatisation.
The Vision’s aim is to remove the power imbalance between social care professionals and experts by experience. The ethos is to combine lived experience experts and social care professionals to create change within the social care sector and improve outcomes for children in the care system.

Social Responsibility

We are aware of the poor outcomes for care experienced people. In 2019, 25% of the homeless population are care experienced, 25% of the adult prison population are care experienced, 41% of 19–21-year-old care experienced adults are not in education, training, or employment and 50% of under 21-year-olds in contact with the criminal justice system are care experienced.

This is NOT ok & we need to do better.

The Vision aims to improve outcomes for care experienced children & also improve outcomes for care experienced associates through training, work experience within the social care sector, paid work opportunities & therapeutic support.

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The Vision offers co produced and co delivered services to those caring and supporting care experienced children & young people. 
This includes training, consultancy, inspection, reflective supervision, group work, team building and mentoring.


The Vision works with Associates with a range of lived experience within the social care system. 
The Vision's director has a 1st class honours degree in Social Work with over 10 years of experience supporting care experienced children & young people. This experience ranges from independent advocacy, residential services, social work, management roles & Ofsted social care regulatory inspection.

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